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I give because I get…

We all give for some reason, right? Maybe that reason is because it’s rewarding and makes you feel good about the cause you’re giving to or maybe your reason for giving is more for tax purposes or recognition or perhaps it’s a way of marketing your company or maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the reason, we all give because, even sometimes unknowingly, we expect something in return.

Our parks are something that always give back. They refresh our spirit, give us a fresh perspective and offer us a way to take in nature and its benefits. These last several years have reminded us of how important our parks and green space really are. Parks are aligned with not only improving physical health but also mental health. Anyone of any age and any background can take advantage of the variety of options and adventures our parks offer, and this is what makes it easy to consider what benefits you get in return.

As a patron, a volunteer and/or a donor, you are giving to make our parks that much better! Tell us why you #givetogetparks by posting your video to our social media sites:



Hamilton County is growing rapidly, with 330,455 residents and 402 mi2, development and population continue to grow. Our amazing parks are part of what attracts people to this area. We need to continue to ensure our parks remain vibrant and attractive and that new parks are identified and developed to match the needs of our growing population. Ideas for projects to improve our parks are identified faster than our local governments have the time or resources to bring them to reality. Only the philanthropic support of businesses and community members make it possible. Your donation to our annual sustaining campaign allows us to focus on exciting new additions to your parks. We encourage you to make a donation to the Friends of Hamilton County Parks. Click the “donate now” button below to contribute to the Annual Sustaining Campaign.

Want to get together to talk about Parks, the “Friends” and our plans for the future? Contact me, April Williams, at 317.853.6831 or at